How to start playing on Pixelmon.ms

To start playing on servers with the Minecraft Pixelmon mod, you need to install the Pixelmon Reforged modpack.
We are waiting for you in the game!

Pixelmon Server frequently asked questions


How do I claim my land?
The golden shovel is gone, do /claim or use the claim kit to protect your land

How do I get out of spawn?
Follow the first 2 quests (Journey Begins & Mysterious Fisherman) to advance to Sevii Island

What is the server discord?

Where do I donate to the server?

Why is hunger and fall damage on?
Pixelmon Craft is a survival/adventure/building/hybrid Pixelmon server, hence these features

If I die what happens to my items?
Nothing, keep inventory is on

Can I transfer my 1.12 pokemon to this server?
It is not yet possible to transfer your old Pokemon, however, it may be possible in the future

How do I unlock the Nether/End?
The Nether is accesible through a quest, although the End is not yet open

Can I set homes on this server?
Yes, do /sethome <home name> to set a home, trainer rank players get 3 homes

What are Silvernite, Goldanite and Diamonite?
These are server specific currencies worth 100, 5k & 25k Pokedollars repsectivley

How do I apply for a staff position?
Go to the appropriate channel in the discord, make sure you meet the requirements and fill out the application

How do I sync my donator and/or fly permission?
You can find the options to sync donator and perks/permissions on the PixelmonCraft website

How can I challenge the gyms/E4?
The gyms are not currently available, however, we hope to have them ready soon

How do I get to Route 2?
Route 2 onwards is not yet available, check #1.16-updates for more information

Why can't I trade my starter?
The starters on Pixelmon Craft are 6IVs and Hidden Ability, but also untradeable

How do I get legendaries?
Legendary Flute from the Pokécrate, Pokédexes from the Pokécrate, Random spawns or buying them from the webstore