How to start playing on Pixelmon.ms

To start playing on servers with the Minecraft Pixelmon mod, you need to install the Pixelmon Reforged modpack.
We are waiting for you in the game!

Pixelmon Server Commands

To use these commands simply bring up chat using your bound key (typically "t" is the default key to use chat)


Talk: Press "t" or bound key to talk in global

Whisper/PM: /msg (player name)

Reply to last Whisper/PM: /r

Additionally you can just click on another persons name to /msg them.

Basic Commands:

Spawn: /spawn

Warp To Center: /center

PC: /pc

Repair: /repair *repairs item in hand this costs money

Night Vision: /nv

Enderchest: /ec

Fly (have to purchase): /fly

Pokeheal (have to purchase donator): /pokeheal

Pokeheal others: /pokeheal (player name)

See IVs of pokemon in party: /ivs (pokeslot)

See EVs of pokemon in party: /evs (pokeslot)

Server shop: /buy (view the interface that pops up)


Confirm Account: /confirm

Store Pokemon for Auction: /auction (pokeslot)

Store pokemon in Bank (for transfer): /store (pokeslot)

Open Pokebank: /pokebank

Claim All Pokemon in Bank: /pokebank all

Auction Guide Found Here: https://pixelmoncraft.com/forum/topic/6306

Wiki Commands:

*The /wiki command useful for finding info on pokemon you may not already have or are hunting for!

Find a Pokemon: /wiki (name of pokemon) (biome) *will tell you where pokemon can be found not where one currently is.

Find Evolution Info: /wiki (name of pokemon) evo *will tell you the evolution conditions of the named pokemon

Claim Commands:

*To Claim land you must use a golden shovel on opposite corners of an area with at least a 10x10 space

Subdivide Claims: /subdivideclaims *will put your claims into subdivision mode

Basic Claims: /basicclaims *puts you back into basic claims mode

Abandonclaim: /abandon claim *abandons current claim

Abandon all claims: /abandonallclaims *abandons all claims owned by user

Trust others on current claim: /trust (playername) *gives access to everything on the claim (set warps, home, access to chests, etc)

Untrust others on current claim: /untrust (player name) *removes all permissions on current claim

Untrust others on all claims: /untrustall (player name) *removes all permissions on all claims

To view a list of trusted people on your claim: /trustlist

Access Trust: /accesstrust (player name) *gives access to all doors, buttons, levers, etc

Container Trust: /containertrust (playername) *gives access to containers (chests,furnace, etc)

Manager trust: /managertrust (player name) *gives player management permissions to current claim. (expand land, abandon claim, set warps etc)

Check General information of a Claim: /claiminfo (Can only function when inside of a claim)


Check Balance: /bal

Check the balance of others: /bal (player name)

View list of top balance players: /baltop *Currently Disabled

Pay: /pay (player name) (amount)


To Safetrade: /safetrade (player name) *(Use gold bars to add money or just click the items you are trading. Click The Green Dye to confirm. Click the Red Dye to Cancel. Click the Orange dye to reset money on the interface)

To Wondertrade: /wt (Select the pokemon to trade in the interface that pops up and click the slime ball to confirm)

*Additonally Trade machines in game are operational for player to player trading.


Set a Home: /sethome (homename)

Check Homes: /homes

Go to a Home: /home (name of home)

Delete a Home: /delhome (home name)


Set a Warp: /setwarp (name of warp) *This Costs 1000 pd!

Warp: /warp (warp name)

Go back to Previous location or point of death: /back

List of other Player Warps: /warps (select server or player warps from the interface message that pops up)

*Deleting Warps can only be done by a Admin or higher rank; Choose your spot wisely!*

Teleport: /tpa (player name) *requests a teleport


To Check point balance and a list of point commands: /points

  • Ability: /ability (pokeslot in party) (ability name) *Make sure ability name is Capitalized *if a pokemon evolves in any way (mega or otherwise) ability will be reset!
  • Gender: /gender (pokeslot) (gender male/female) *Expensive
  • Pokeball: /pokeball (pokeslot) (name of pokeball)
  • Color: /color (pokeslot in party) (name of color)
  • Growth: /growth (pokeslot) (name of growth)
  • Happiness: /happiness (pokeslot) (number)
  • Hatch: /hatch (pokeslot) another way to hatch: /pokemodify:hatch (pokeslot) *If you are a loyalty donator its /phatch for the free command
  • Nature: /nature (pokeslot) (name of nature) *Make sure nature name is Capitalized
  • ResetEvs: /resetevs (pokeslot)
  • Set Shiny: /setshiny (pokeslot)
  • Unshiny: /unshiny (pokeslot)
  • Tradeable: /tradeable (pokeslot) *Makes a pokemon from the old server tradeable
  • Neuter: /neuter (pokeslot) *Neuters a pokemon, making it unbreedable
  • Statue: Guide is Here: https://www.pixelmoncraft.com/forum/topic/6274

Give Points to Another Player: /givepoints (player name)

To Set Ivs: /setivs (pokeslot in party) (stat to modify) (new stat number) *see basic commands for checking ivs/evs of pokemon

  • Set IVs for HP: /setivs (pokeslot) hp (new number)
  • Set IVs for Attack: /setivs (pokeslot) att (new number)
  • Set IVs for Defense: /setivs (pokeslot) def (new number)
  • Set IVs for Sp Attack: /setivs (pokeslot) spatt (new number)
  • Set IVs for Sp Defense: /setivs (pokeslot) spdef (new number)
  • Set IVs for Speed: /setivs (pokeslot) speed (new number)