PixelSpark Pixelmon Modpark Server

Come play and catch'em all. Specifically designed to enhance/improve the pixelmon experience. Play alone or with friends, equipt with an Official & Sponsored Server(s).

Assuming you've played Pixelmon before, have you ever wanted to venture through pixelmon in a different style? That's just what PixelSpark is! This modpack is meant to give a whole new aspect to playing pixelmon/pokemon. With enhanced customizations and modifications to improve gameplay experience. We're offering the best environment on technic! We keep the pack upto-date with the latest and best mods that BEST fit "pixelmon"'s theme/description.

This modpack is designed to enchance the gameplay experience of Pixelmon mod, and does not take responsibility for actions of the Official and Sponsored Server(s). These servers are included into the pack, because they've showed promise along with dedication. If you feel as if you can offer as much or more.