Unhelping Staff?

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Hey, so, I'm looking through the forum posts for the first time in a long while. So I wanted to address that a lot of posts haven't been answered.

So, what you should know.

Even though we tell our staff to check the forums often, most of them don't, and in honesty, we don't really check the forums to check if they're checking the forums.

For the most part, since we got discord, a lot of people consider the forums to be obsolete, and only really here for the auction and such.

Now, while I will try and go through and answer as many questions as possible, and while I will try and remind our staff to keep checking the forums, in the mean time, if you need help right away, please check out our discord, where we have a support topic where our staff are more likely to respond in a timely manner.


Sorry for the inconvenience and for anyone that feels they haven't been helped as much as they should/could.


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